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Great Tips on How To Pick Affordable Web Hosting


If you are looking for tips on how to pick affordable web hosting then you really cannot miss this article because in this article you will discover some great tips on picking the right low cost hosting provider. You should know that picking the correct hosting company is very important because the life of your websites depends on it.

No matter how good or informative your website is if the hosting provider is getting off line frequently no one will like to visit your site. Nowadays a good server up-time is not the only thing that is important, the hosting fee also have to be affordable and below you will get some tips to pick high quality affordable web hosting provider:

  1. The hosting company should have 99.99% up-time. As I stated earlier server up-time is very important because if the server up-time is bad your site will get offline frequently and obviously you don’t want to pay for this kind of service even if the fee is cheap. The best way to find out the correct up-time for a hosting provider is by checking the hosting review sites that you can find online. Some of these review sites have up-time meter to check a host up-time status.
  2. Make sure they allow unlimited domain names to be hosted in one account. Some affordable web hosting provider only allow limited amount of domain hosted in one account and this is not good because you probably are planning to build more sites and host more domain that may exceed the maximum domain allowed. So check if the hosting provider allows unlimited domain names before you purchase.
  3. Make sure they have the script that you needed to run your website. This is very important because some site requires some web programming to run such as PHP and ASP.NET so make sure to check that the hosting provider has this installed in their server. To know this you can ask the provider directly or look at their feature page. If your website requires database check also for database application such as MYSQL and Microsoft SQL according to your sites database requirements.
  4. Look at how long the web host is already in this business. Checking the web host age is a good practice because the age of the host shows how long they have in this business and that means they have a lot of experience and the age also shows how strong the web host company is because they can survive all this years with so many competition in the hosting market. So when looking for affordable web hosting make sure to check the hosting company age too.