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Picking the Right Web Host

There are many things which make a great host. This article will outline those things and in the end you will get to see what points make a great host and this will definitely change the way you see web hosting companies.

1) Many clients / webmasters often look at the price which web hosts offer and make a judgment from that. Well this isn’t a good way to see if you’ve find a good web host. Web Hosting companies who have a high price often take the support they give very seriously, so you are guaranteed to receive quality support, but most hosting companies “oversell” and therefore can offer cheap pricing and good support at the same time.

2) Quality support is needed in every hosting company. One of the ways you can test how good a company’s support is by asking pre-sale questions example:

– How much webspace will I receive in the XX plan?

– What happens if my account gets banned?

– How would I request a refund?

If you receive a professional, well laid out reply within a short amount of time, then this assures that you’ll receive quality support.

3) Server Uptime is a factor which you might consider but not depend on when picking the right web host. Normally hosting companies offer a money back guarantee if the server which your account is hosted on experiences any downtime, and clients often see it as a sign of relief and always think that the server will never go down but this is not true. Servers often go down due to network issues, hardware issues, server reboots and. A hosting company can not guarantee 100% uptime.

4) Make sure the web host can be trusted. Remember with most web hosts you’ll be giving away personal information at one point, for example your name and address. During checkout make sure they have a valid SSL certificate enabled on their site. Look for the little padlock sign on your browser.

5) Do your research. Try to find genuine reviews of the company and see what existing clients think. If they tend to be all positive with the odd one being negative, I’d say the company would seem ok. It’s unlikely that any company will go through life getting only positive reviews.

6) When ever you see the word “unlimited” don’t take their word for it that they’ll let you host “unlimited domains” or they’ll provide you with “unlimited bandwidth” there is no such thing. Everything has a limit. You can’t get unlimited diskspace in a hard drive. If a web hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth or webspace, it doesn’t necessarily mean their bad but it’s important that you understand that there is no much thing as unlimited.

7) Always, and I mean always read the company’s TOS (Terms of Service). Make sure you know the limits. Most companies often have a limit on how many emails you can send within a hour, so make sure you get that clarified first.

8) You could also test the speed of a host’s network to your location by

Clicking start > Run > Type in “command” enter, and then type “ping hostdomainname.com” wait for it to finish and look for the average ping. The lower the number the better, and chances are the faster your site will load if you should host with them.

9) Never ever use hosts which offer a “lifetime payment” plan. A server needs to be maintained constantly which costs money monthly, so a web host needs funds monthly in order to keep the servers alive. By paying a one off fee, the web hosting company is guaranteed to go down unless they are VERY well known or have been running for a very long time.

10) My final word of advice is you should not look for hosts which have good looking plans. Always take in experience from current or previous clients.