Web Hosting And Domain Naming Tips

Most web hosting companies provide either free or inexpensive domain registration, or the ability to transfer a domain that you currently have to their site. Domain selection is one of the most important points when setting up a website. It has the power to make or break your online presence. There are some tips to follow in order to make the best choice.

Selecting a domain name is vitally important. It is how people will identify you. It is as important as a store name for a brick and mortar store. These tips will help you when selecting a domain.

Tip 1- The name you choose should relate to what you are about in some way. If you sell dog training supplies, use a name that suggests that. It could be something like premiumdogtrainingsupplies. You may have to search through several before you get one that is available. Brainstorm a list of possibilities and search for availability until you get one that works.

Tip 2- The name should include your keyword or phrase, preferably at the very beginning. Avoid using hyphens or other punctuation if possible. You can add a word at the end if your keyword is taken. For example, using the example above, you might try premiumdogtrainingsuppliesandtips. If you must add something before the keyword, make it short and just one word, or at the most, two words. For example, bestpremiumdogtrainingsupplies might work.

Tip 3- Try to get the dot com extension if at all possible. This is extremely difficult, as most common terms have already been taken. It might amaze you when you search for availability. Many terms you think are unique are not – they are already taken. If you can’t get dot com, go for dot net or dot org. They are second best.

Tip 4- Use unusual techniques to find a term. For example, use the key phrase plus another word. If you are using the keyword mortgage lending and it is taken, try mortgagelendingcity, or mortgagelendingbook. That is how some well-known sites came up with their name.

Naming a domain to use with your web hosting account is not easy, but important. You don’t want to do it incorrectly, use it a while, then decide you want to change. Your branding efforts will be lost when you decide to change. Sometimes businesses do change their domain names, but usually with careful consideration. Be extra careful in the beginning and you won’t have to make changes.